Anonymous Targets Elon Musk Due to Months of Crypto Drama on Twitter

It seems like, in recent crypto-history, Elon Musk’s tweets have significantly impacted the value of cryptocurrencies. 

For example, once he announced that Tesla would be buying and supporting BTC as a form of payment, the price of BTC sky-rocketed. To be fair, in this case, Tesla did indeed purchase $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin through. However, once they announced that they won’t be supporting it anymore due to pollution, the price plummeted. 

Then we have the case with Dogecoin, where after the first Musk tweet, the price of the digital coin was up more than 11% to 40 cents in midday trading.

The point here is the fact that, with a simple tweet, Elon Musk can re-shape a cryptocurrency’s value completely, which is an immense power to have.

However, aside from these two points that truly gained mainstream appeal, Elon Musk has been criticized due to his bad behavior. 

In other words, in a video posted to the anonymous group’s official YouTube channel and Facebook page, an anonymous representative actually ended up warning Elon that their intelligence forces are working against him. 

Why did Elon Make the Anonymous Group Angry?

The video accuses Musk of playing dumb when it comes to Bitcoin’s carbon footprint in an effort to continue earning energy subsidy payments from the U.S. government.

The video claims, based on data, that Tesla has actually made more money holding Bitcoin in a few months than they made by selling actual cars they made. It is their belief, as such, that Musk has been forced to denounce the company’s involvement with Bitcoin in order to keep the “green government money” flowing.

With a few words that can fit within a tweet, attached with some emojis and humor, one of the world’s richest people has sent the value of cryptocurrencies diving and soaring throughout the previous months. 

On Friday, the value of BTC actually dropped by 8% after he shared a meme about a breakup to his followers, which led them to view it as an indication that the company could potentially sell the coins they are holding. 

The person in the video, wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and speaking with a digitally modified voice pointed out that Musk tapped into the people’s desires to live in a world with electric cars and space exploration, and that this is why he has a favorable reputation that he has tapped into. 

However, according to Forbes, it is not easy to verify if the video was genuinely posted by the Anonymous group. 

There is no doubt that Musk is very vocal when it comes to cryptocurrencies, as he has been talking about them on his Twitter profile for quite a lot now. In fact, over the past few months, he has tweeted to comment on a multitude of cryptocurrency tokens, where their values have shifted with each tweet.

Regarding the video itself, it’s currently at over 2 million views, after just 48 hours. Only time will tell how this will actually impact Musk, as well as the cryptocurrency industry, but it is interesting nonetheless to see someone actually coming out to call out the tweets as well as the power they have over the cryptocurrency market.

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