White House Reviewing Crypto Regulation To Ensure Traders Can ‘Dogecoin to Their Heart’s Content’

The Biden administration is examining new ways to regulate Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

According to a new report in the Washington Post, White House officials are being briefed by the Treasury Department about cryptocurrency risks.

They’re looking at how to ensure the industry is properly enforced without stifling innovation or damaging the markets.

“Administration officials are discussing whether guardrails on cryptocurrency can be imposed while still allowing investors to ‘dogecoin to their heart’s content.’”

Anonymous sources say potential “gaps” in oversight related to the crypto market are being studied in case they could be used to finance illicit or terrorist activities.

The recent volatility in digital assets is also raising concerns about whether average investors purchasing cryptocurrency need government protections, although federal regulators don’t believe the large swings in the crypto markets will threaten the broader stability of the financial markets.

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